Kavanagh Lab Location:
South Campus Dr. West Wing,
TASC II Rm 7040

Lab Phone: 778-782-4082

Mail Address:
Dept. Physics
Simon Fraser University
8888 University Dr.
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1S6 Canada

Current Research

Contact potential maps of semiconductor nanowire junctions by electron holography

Phase imaging of semiconductor nanowires - axial Si p-n junction: Cristina Cordoba

2D materials and devices - h-BN, WSe2, MoS2

2D diffraction - KK

Electron beam-induced current via in-situ probing of nanowire contacts and p-n junctions

Electrodeposited Fe/GaAs nanowires - Alex Yang
ZnO nanowire electrical probing - Shima Alagha

He ion milling, transmission and microscopy

Helium ion milling and imaging of multi-layer graphene - Symphony Huang

Kavanagh Lab Location: South Campus Dr., TASC II Rm 7040; Lab Phone 778-782-4082;
Mail Address: Dept. Physics, Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Dr., Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6 Canada