Fall 2020 Courses

Course Title Instructor
LBST 101 C100 Introducing Labour Studies
LBST 101 D100 Introducing Labour Studies Evelyn Encalada Grez
LBST 201 J100 Workers in the Global Economy: Globalization, Labour and Uneven Development Maureen Kihika
LBST 202 D100 Labour Research for Social Change: Methods and Approaches Serdar Kaya
LBST 301W D100 Labour Movements: Issues, Images and Popular Culture John-Henry Harter
LBST 308 D100 The Labour Process: Technological Change and the Future of Work Matthew Greaves
LBST 310 D100 The Politics of Labour John-Henry Harter
LBST 312 D100 Global Labour Migration Xinying Hu
LBST 313 E100 Introduction to Canadian Labour Law Sonya Sabet-Rasekh
LBST 330 D300 Selected Topics in Labour Studies (Studying Labour Through Film) John-Henry Harter
LBST 330 D400 Selected Topics in Labour Studies (The Politics of Working Time) Tom Walker
LBST 331 D100 Selected Topics in Labour Studies (Gender - Paid & Unpaid) Jeannie Morgan