Etsím Skw’shim iy ta kwekwín sch’etxw
(Squamish Translation)

Squamish Translation by Setálten, Norman Guerrero Jr., of the Squamish Nation
Written by Veselin Jungic and Mark MacLean
Illustrated by Bethani L'Heureux

Small Number and the Old Totem Pole

My name is Small Number. This is a story that I’ve heard from my grandmother and that she heard from her grandmother. It is about an old totem pole built by my ancestors on a beach close to our village.

Story Transcript: English and Squamish

Credits and Acknowledgements

Written by Veselin Jungic, SFU, and Mark MacLean, UBC; Illustrator: Bethani L'Heureux from the 'Namgis First Nation; Voice: Bethani L'Heureux from the 'Namgis First Nation (English); Thomas Jones (Siwut) Hul’q’umi’num’ Version: Translated by Ruby Peter (Sti'tum'at); Narration by Thomas Jones (Siwut); Language Editing by Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University; Sound: David Brigden, Simon Fraser University (English); Donna Gerdts, Simon Fraser University (Hul’q’umi’num’) Music: Cameron Tatham, Vancouver, BC, and Barry Cardinal from the Bigstone Cree Nation; Producer: Veselin Jungic, Simon Fraser University; Director: Andy Gavel, Ryerson University; Special Thanks To: Tom Archibald, Simon Fraser University; Pam Borghardt, Simon Fraser University; Ozren Jungic, University of Oxford; Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University; Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia; The IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University; Faculty of Science, Simon Fraser University; Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University; Office for Aboriginal Peoples, Simon Fraser University; Pacific Institute For Mathematical Sciences; **** This story is an adaptation of the Russian fairy tale "The Giant Turnip" inspired by west coast First Nation's traditions and art.