Week 1

What a wonderful first week!

The youth spent a lot of time getting to know each other as they worked on their inkies and stories. We’ve enjoyed good food, laughs, lectures, workshops, and cultural activities together! 3 weeks to go!

Day 1 - Tuesday

What a great first day! We were blessed to receive a welcome and some timely advice from both SFU’s elder Anne Whannock, the ISC’s director Marcia Guno, and cultural coordinator Clay Little.

After student introductions, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch together. Thank-you Casey Bell and Dr. J 😊

Everyone got to spend a little time with Jordan doing math and Bethani led a wonderful tour of the campus where we posed with the Terry Fox statue, a Metis hero.

Day 2 - Wednesday

Math and English have begun!! Numbers, doodles, and games, oh my!

Followed by an afternoon with Dr. Mat DeVos in the Trottier Studio where we learned about spherical geometry and the value of great circles.

Day 3 -Thursday

Cultural workshop with the ISC and friends.

Today, Clay Little and Gail Hirsch from the ISC, Karen Matthews from the OAP, and Indigenous students Tamara Whitford, combined their talents to help guide us as we made our own medicine pouches.

The kids learned about the importance some people place on carrying sacred objects with them. And, they practiced patience and leadership as they completed their own projects and either gave or received assistance from their collegues.

Every student successfully competed their own medicine pouch. Well done class!

Day 4 – Friday

What a great workshop! Voice, public speaking, movement, and gestures with intent. Who would have thought that in just 2 short hours every youth would have the skill and confidence to stand in front of everyone and introduce one of their colleagues?

What an impressive group!
Hannah Celinski and Bethani L’Heureux did an amazing job leading the group through exercise after exercise until there was nothing intimidating about the process. It’s amazing to learn we are all connected!

Looking forward to next week!

Week 1 Photos