Week 2

What an amazing week!

In English, Carley focused on the now core competencies that now make up the BC curriculum.

Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop and engage in deep and life-long learning. Check it out here https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies

Jordan’s class continues to challenge students while having fun in Math. Starting the day with Ken-Kens gets everyone’s brain ready for “Spock’s Logic Puzzles” and ultimately, their individual work plans. Lots of happy and excited people leaving math class every day.

Another week of good food, laughs, lectures, sports, workshops, and cultural activities together! 2 weeks to go!

Day 5 - Monday

Gail Anderson gave us an interesting (and occasionally gross) lecture on forensic entomology. It was interesting to see how she can not only assist with the convictions of criminals but she also is able to apply her science to freeing the innocent. The OAP’s Gary George and Karen Matthews joined us for the lecture and the tour of the bone and bug labs. What an amazing experience!

Day 6 - Tuesday

Rec Day!! Soccer, tag and dodge ball, oh my! We had a great time with Rose and Trevor making the best of the bad weather by playing indoor games. Everyone had hysterical elementary school flashbacks playing Cat & Mouse, Bang Bang (Squew-Squew), and tag.

Day 7 – Wednesday - Art Walk

We went on a wonderful walk with Karina Irvine from the SFU Gallery and Bryan Myles from the Bill Reid Centre of Northwest Coast Studies. We toured TASC where we saw Susan Points work, followed by an informative discussion about the harms the Comfort mural poses to Indigenous students VS. it’s worth as an information piece for settler Canadians. We ended our tour in the First Nations Atrium where we viewed more works and Karina and Bryan answered questions. Great Indigenous Art tour! Check out the web and iOS app here https://www.sfu.ca/brc/imeshMobileApp/imesh-art-walk-.html

Day 8 -Thursday - Drum Making Workshop

Clay Little (ISC), Karen Matthews (OAP), Gary George (OAP), and students Tamara Whitford and Steven Hall all joined us for this hands-on activity. We even had special visits from William Lyndsay, Special Advisor on Aboriginal Affairs (TLC), Marcia Guno, Director of the Indigenous Student Centre, and Jesse Lecoy (ISC) – It really was “all hands on deck”. SFU has a strong and supportive Indigenous community.

The youth worked hard to complete their drums, practicing patience, humility, teamwork, and leadership! Well done class!

A special thank-you to the ISC for partnering with us on this project – you are all amazing!

Day 9 – Friday

Natasha Davidson – what a great way to end the week! We spent the class making 3-D geometric objects, learned about regular polygons, and we folded paper! The youth had a great time and came up with some amazing creations. Math can be found in the most amazing places 😊

Can you believe we are halfway through!
Looking forward to next week!

Week 2 Photos