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Welcome to the MBB Facilities Page

Welcome. My name is Neil Dobson, and I am the MBB Equipment Technician. I'm in charge of making sure that all of the communal equipment (there's a list below) is all working properly and is up to date on servicing. I'm also responsible at making sure you all have the relevant training on the equipment that we have. With that in mind, every term I run a departmental orientation, this is mandatory if you would like to use any MBB equipment. Orientation takes 1 -1.5 hours, in which time we will tour the department and identify where all of our common equipment is kept (during this walkthrough, I will tell you what is expected of you in terms of instrument care etc. during your time in MBB). The orientation only covers use of our basic equipment. Anything in the list below followed by a T* requires additional training. If you know that you will need to use a piece of equipment that is marked in such a way, just send me an email and I'll arrange a time.

Listed below are copies of the most recent orientation documentation, together with spare PH Key request forms and our new departmental code of conduct, both of the forms need a signature by me.

Orientation Documentation

Orientation Quiz
MBB Code of Conduct
PH Key Request Form

Below follows links to Departmental Equipment & Manuals Ordered by room

SSB 6133

Hoshizaki Ice Maker
Avanti J-20 XP Superspeed Centrifuge-T*

SSB 6130

JASCO 810 Spectropolarimeter-T*
Cary 100 Bio UV-VIS Spectrophotometer-T*
Cary Eclipse Fluorimeter-T* (Notes on computer)
Nanodrop 3300 Spectrofluorimeter-T*
Nanodrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer-T*
MD SpectraMax M5 microplate reader manual-T*
MD Spectramax M5 microplate reader SoftMax Pro Software
ABI StepOne RT PCR machine-T*
Alpha Innotech DE400 Gel Documentation System

SSB 7135

Kodak X-OMAT 1000 Film Processor

SSB 7137

Short Wavelegth transilluminator
1 x COHU CCD camera
Long wavelength transilluminator

SSB 7139

Syngene Geni 2 gel documentation system
American Instrument Company French Press-T*
VWR sonic water bath
Branson digital sonnicator-T*

SSB 7167

Avanti J-26 XP Superspeed Centrifuge-T*
Optima L-90K Floor Standing Ultracentrifuge-T*
Optima Max Benchtop Ultracentrifuge-T*

SSB 7150

Room still being organised
Currently contains
FujiFilm LAS-4000 Chemi-luminescent Scanner-T*
Typhoon (Fluorescent and phosphor) scanner-currently operated by Sen Lab
Gel Dryer

Rotor Care

To prevent damage to the rotors being charged to the department, I have come up with a new system. I visually inspect the rotors every morning using a picture standard. If I notice damage which wasn't present on the picture I shall bill the last person to use the rotor the night before.  The only way to avoid being billed is if you notice that someone before you damaged the rotor before you use it, and report it to me.  For the vast majority of you, this situation is not needed but the department cannot continue spending $7000 per annum in rotor repair.  For this system to work, you all need  the same picture standards that I'm using. These are to be found below; feel free to print them out if needed.

(under construction) Picture Standard
Please pay attention to the serial number. Rotors are to be used ONLY for specified centrifuges.

  • Avanti J-20XP Centrifuge (SSB 6133):
    JA-17 (Serial#02U331), JLA 16.250 (Serial#03U2269) & F10BCI-6x500y (Serial#6112525)
  • Avanti J-26XP Centrifuge (SSB 7167):
    JA25.50 (Serial#06U3697) & JLA16.250 (Serial#06U3077)
  • Optima Max Centrifuge (SSB 7167):
    MLA-80 (Serial#06U1011) & TLA-120.2 (Serial#06U1479)
  • Optima L90K Centrifuge (SSB 7167):
    Ti90 (Serial#05U1507)