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Biacore X-100

The Biacore X-100 from GE uses surface plasmon resonance to determine features about protein: protein interactions. You can easily determine information about protein association/dissocation, kinetics and thermodynamics of protein binding.

External GE Link: https://www.biacore.com/lifesciences/products/systems_overview/x100/system_information/index.html

The Biacore X100 is located within the Scott lab (SSB7138) on the 7000 level of South Sciences building. The instrument is taken care of by Dr Naveed Gulzar & Dr Neil Dobson. Please contact Dr Neil Dobson (details below) to book time on the instrument

User Fee Schedule

User Rate
Academic (SFU) $50/run*
Academic (External to SFU) $75/run*
Non-Academic $500/day*

*: user is responsible for providing sensor chips, coupling reagents, and any buffers beyond the standard HBS-EP+ that is provided

Training must be obtained from Dr Neil Dobson or Dr Naveed Gulzar


Name: Dr Neil Dobson, Instrument Manager
Location: South Science Building SSB7124
Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Drive
Burnaby, B.C. Canada V5A 1S6
Phone: 778-782-3021
e-mail: Neil Dobson nda15@sfu.ca