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The MBB and Business Joint Majors Program offers a unique opportunity for students to meld Life Sciences studies with Business courses.

This program offers in-depth combined training that is pertinent to development and administration in emergent biotechnology enterprises. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry form the scientific and technological underpinnings of today’s burgeoning biotechnology field while business administration teaches fundamentals of economics, management, marketing, investment and business law.

Students complete most required courses in both the department (MBB) and the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA). Upon completion, a bachelor of science from the Faculty of Science is awarded. The program requirements (printable version ) include 64 units in MBB-related courses and 53 in BUS-related ones with little curriculum scheduling flexibility. In addition to the required courses, students are encouraged to partipate in Science Co-op and Business Co-op.

This joint major is open to students enrolling directly from secondary school as well as for university students who are already enrolled at SFU as MBB majors and would like to transfer into the program.

How to Apply for Entry into the MBB/BUS Joint Major:

1. Direct Entry from Secondary School

Refer to the SFU student services site and make the following choices on the application form:

  • Faculty = Science
  • Subject Area = Joint programs
  • Academic Program / Plan = BSc Bus Adm, Mol Biol, Biochem

2. Applying for transfer into the program if you are already enrolled at SFU as an MBB Major

Note that Students will be selected competitively according to the Category 3 criteria of the Faculty of Business Administration. Application is made through the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Business Administration (NOT through the MBB department).

The following courses MUST be completed before applying (in addition, you must already have declared an MBB major):

  • Math 151, Math 154 or Math 150
  • Math 152 or 155
  • Phys 101, Phys120, Phys 125, or Phys 140
  • Phys 102, Phys 121, Phys 126 or Phys 141
  • BISC 101
  • BISC 102
  • CHEM 121
  • CHEM 122
  • ECON 103
  • ECON 105
  • BUEC 232 or STAT 270
  • BUS 251
  • BUS 272

A limited number of students will be selected competitively based on CGPA.

If you are not admitted to the joint major, you can still take all of the same courses. You can also take additional courses and potentially minor in Business (or double major).

Note: A joint major means that the required courses are equal to 120 credits to minor or double major.You will need to take additional courses/credits.