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Certificate in Genomics

Genomics draws upon its multidisciplinary roots in molecular genetics, chemistry, physics, computer science and engineering; and involves the generation and analysis of large quantities of DNA and protein sequence data, as well as data concerning the function of the genome. It has important, evolving applications to nearly all aspects of the life sciences, especially with regard to biomedical and health research, clinical applications, and the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry industries. This program will help students develop skills in generating, analyzing and managing genomic data. It will also facilitate understanding the applications of genomics in the context of the more traditional life science disciplines.

The Certificate in Genomics will provide excellent preparation for medical and other professional and graduate degree programs. It will also provide appropriate training for a growing number of technical positions in genome sequencing centres and related laboratories, especially for students taking advantage of lab work experience through ISS, volunteering or co-op.

Admission requirements

Admission is governed by the University’s admissions regulations. After University admission, approval of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBB) Program Coordinator is required for formal acceptance into the program. This may be done anytime before graduation, but is recommended upon completion of MBB 342. The certificate can be completed by students in various major programs that use the life sciences undergraduate core curriculum for the lower division requirements. Credits applied to one certificate may not be applied to another certificate or diploma.

Prerequisite and required course grades

Students enrolling in upper division MBB courses must have a grade of C or better in prerequisite courses. Students enrolled in this certificate program must have a grade of C- or better in all required courses (including those selected from the list of electives) to graduate with this certificate.


Students must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) calculated on all required courses (including those selected from the list of electives).

Lower division requirements

  • MBB 222 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (3) §
  • MBB 231 Cellular Biology and Biochemistry (3) §
  • BISC 202 Genetics (3) §

   and one of

  • STAT 201 Statistics for the Life Sciences
  • STAT 270 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Upper division requirements

  • MBB 331 Molecular Biology (3)
  • MBB 342 Introductory Genomics and Bioinformatics (3) §

   and one of

  • MBB 308 Molecular Biology Laboratory (3)
  • BISC 357 Gene Cloning (3)

   and three of

  • MBB 435 Genome Biology
  • MBB 441 Bioinformatics
  • MBB 442 Proteomics
  • MBB 461 Comparative Genomics
  • MBB 462 Human Genomics
  • MBB 420 Selected Topics in Contemporary Biochemistry #
  • MBB 440 Selected Topics in Contemporary Molecular Biology #
  • BISC 471-473 Special Topics in Biology#

§ courses require additional prerequisites
# courses must be in an area related to genomics and must be approved by the MBB academic advisor

Please note that you must make a separate application for the Certificate when you apply for graduation.

Entry into the Genomics Program is by on-line application. Click here.