Teaching Professors (A11.10)


September 1, 2013

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This policy sets out the criteria for and the process by which Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers may be promoted into the tenured rank of Teaching Professor.


1.    Criteria

To be promoted to Teaching Professor, a candidate must demonstrate the following:

(a)   A sustained record of excellence in teaching;

(b)   Scholarship related to teaching and learning that has attained national or international recognition; and

(c)   Participation in service to the University or the community or the discipline.

2.    Eligibility

Senior Lecturers in continuing positions and tenured Associate Professors in an approved teaching-intensive alternative career path as set out in A30.03 - Faculty Workload Policy - may apply to be promoted to Teaching Professor. Letters of reference from internal or external referees of high academic stature must support promotion to this rank.

3.    Teaching Professors are appointments with tenure and have the same terms and conditions as Research Professors. Expectations include excellence in teaching; scholarship related to teaching; and active service to the University, or the community, or the discipline. Teaching Professors have the same voting rights as Research Professors.


4.    Policy A11.02 – Promotions – sets out the procedures and timelines for promotion to Teaching Professor.

5.    A senior lecturer applying for promotion to Teaching Professor is eligible to vote in any election or ratification process that establishes the Tenure and Promotion Committee.

6.    Where a Tenure and Promotion Committee is scheduled to consider an application from a Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor for promotion to Teaching Professor, one Teaching Professor must be a member of the Committee. Where that is not possible, the Chair shall consult the Dean regarding an appropriate alternative.

7.    Upon promotion to the rank of Teaching Professor, the successful candidate will be placed at the appropriate step of the Professor scale, taking into account the steps awarded on promotion.


Section 14.1 of the Faculty Association Framework Agreement deals with matters of interpretation of this Policy.