Board of Governors Policies

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Series Policy Effective Date Mandated Review
B 10 Board Policies  
B10.00 Policy on University Policies and Procedures (html) - (PDF version)
*see Policy Development and Revision site for Procedure and other supporting documents
March 19, 2020                   March 2025
B10.01 Rules of the Board of Governors (html) - (PDF version)
Appendix A
Procedures - Process to Collect & Confirm Nominees & Manage Election by Secret Ballot
Jan. 24, 2019
B10.02 Terms of Reference and Procedures for Board Committees (html)  May 28, 2024
B10.03 Policy on Senate Actions (html) - (PDF version) March 28, 2007           
B10.04 Policy on Faculty Appointments (html) - (PDF version) March 28, 2007  
B10.05 Budget Policy Objectives (html) - (PDF version) March 28, 2007  
B10.06 Presidential Search Committee (html)
Appendix - Review of the President Prior to Re-appointment (html)
(PDF Version)
Sept. 25, 2007
May 28, 2004
B10.07 Contracting of University Services (html) - (PDF version) March 28, 2007  
B10.08 Executive Compensation (html) - (PDF version)
SFU President Expenses Reports
June 28, 2018 June 2021
B10.09 Investment Governance Policy (html) (PDF) Nov. 24, 2022
Nov. 24, 2027
B10.10 Board Guidelines and Guidelines for Individual Board Members (html) - (PDF version) March 28, 2007  
B10.11 Signing Authorizations (html) - (PDF version)

Signing Authorizations Procedure (PDF)

Non-Monetary Agreements (PDF)

Signing Resolutions (PDF)

Nov. 27, 2018


B10.12 Selection of Chancellor (html) - (PDF version) May 23, 2024  
B10.13 Emeritus Policy (html) - (PDF version) Sept. 30, 2010  
B10.14 Evaluation of the President's Performance (html) - (PDF version) May 26, 2011  
B10.15 Consultation with Students on Tuition Fees (html) - (PDF version) March 26, 2015
B10.16 Responsible Investment Policy (html) - (PDF) Nov. 24, 2022 Nov. 24, 2027

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