Policy Gazette

Mapping University Policies by Series

Series Categories Office Responsible
A Academic Vice-President, Academic
AD Administrative Various - see Administrative Policies Page
B Board of Governors University Secretariat
GP General Various - see General Policies Page
I Information University Archives
R Research Vice-President, Research
S Academic Honesty and Student Conduct Vice-President, Academic
T Teaching and Instruction Vice-President, Academic

If you have questions about the policies, please contact your department's administrative assistant or the office responsible for the policy (see the table above). Or you may prefer to discuss a policy issue by contacting your employee group if you are a faculty or staff member, or if you are a student, the Student Society.

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Mapping University Policies to University File Classification Plan : A Crosswalk Index


  • This index is comprised of 14 broad, function-based classification categories, representing the major business functions of the University (e.g. Advancement, Finances, Governance).
  • Each of these functions is futher broken down by narrower, more specific classification categories (e.g. Advancement > Donors, Fundraising) under which are listed the relevant University policies.
  • The functions and subjects used in this index map to the classification categories of the University's Model File Classification Plan .
  • Policies are mapped to the University file classification plan using the first, the "Purpose" and "Policy" statements contained in each policy, and second, the executive office with primary responsibility for the policy.
  • Policies printed in red are indexed under more than one function and/or subject.

 Administration  Governance
 Advancement  Human Resources
 Committees  Liaison and Co-operation
 Communications  Records and Information Management
 Equipment and Supplies  Research
 Facilities  Student Services and Records
 Finances  Teaching and Academic Programmes

Please contact the Office of the University Secretary for information relating to archived policies at 778-782-4177