Sessional Lecturers


September 1, 2000

Revision Date


A 12.09

Revision No.

  1. Objectives

    1.1 A faculty member who is assigned teaching responsibilities above his/her required teaching load for which a stipend will be paid will be appointed as a Sessional Lecturer. When a faculty member is recommended to teach in a department which is not his/her own department, the approval of his/her own Department Chair is required.

    1.2 A person who is a full-time (non-faculty) staff member at SFU, who is assigned teaching responsibilities will be appointed as a Sessional Lecturer. A staff member may not be assigned responsibilities for any more than one course (or equivalent) at a time. If the teaching duties can be accommodated within the staff member's normal range of duties, a stipend will not be paid. If a staff member is to receive a stipend because it is an added load, and if the assignment coincides with some of the staff member's normal working hours, the time spent away from his/her normal duties shall be made up at another time. When a staff member is recommended for appointment as a Sessional Lecturer, the approval of his/her supervisor is required.


  2. Definition

    2.1There are two categories of Sessional Lecturers:

    1. Sessional Lecturer I shall be assigned tutorial and/or laboratory instruction.
    2. Sessional Lecturer II shall be assigned the overall preparation and presentation of an academic course given by a department or program and in addition may be assigned tutorial and/or laboratory instruction.

    2.2 The term Sessional Lecturer shall in this policy include both categories mentioned above, unless a specific distinction is made.

  4. Qualifications

    3.1 A Sessional Lecturer would be a person who has substantial expertise in the academic discipline which he/she is appointed to teach.

    3.2 No appointment of a Sessional Lecturer I shall be made if there is an eligible and qualified graduate student available for appointment as a G.T.A.

  6. Responsibilities

    4.1  A Sessional Lecturer I shall be responsible to the person in charge of the course to which he/she is assigned for tutorial or laboratory instruction. In determining a Sessional Lecturer I's workload, one weekly tutorial hour (and related duties) shall normally be considered equivalent to either two weekly laboratory hours (and related duties) or three weekly open laboratory hours (and related duties).

    4.2  A Sessional Lecturer II shall be responsible to the Department Chair for his/her assigned teaching duties. Teaching assignments shall be set out in the letter of appointment.

    4.3  A Sessional Lecturer may, not by virtue of that appointment, be a member of departmental committees, except with the permission of, or on the request of, the appropriate Chair and Dean.

  8. Terms and Duration of Appointments

    5.1 A Sessional Lecturer's appointment shall normally be for one semester but may be for as long as 12 months. Such appointments are contingent upon sufficient enrolment in the courses to which the Sessional Lecturers are assigned.

    5.2 Where the term of the employment is for 12 months, the appointee may terminate his/her employment as a Sessional Lecturer earlier than its scheduled termination date by giving the University at least one semester's notice of his/her intention to terminate.

    5.3 Any appointment as a Sessional Lecturer may be terminated by the University on one month's notice due to financial exigencies.

    5.4 In his/her capacity as a Sessional Lecturer, an appointee:
    1. is not a member of faculty;
    2. is not eligible for consideration for either tenure or promotion;
    3. is not entitled to research semesters or study leave, and such an appointment does not carry any credit towards either research semesters or study leave;


  9. Remuneration

    6.1 For each weekly contact hour or equivalent, the Sessional Lecturer shall receive one base unit, plus one base unit for preparation in each different course.

    6.2 The rates for Sessional Lecturers are linked to the faculty salary scale and are adjusted to reflect the adjustments in the faculty salary scale. The current scale is attached to A 20.02.

    6.3 One base unit for a Sessional Lecturer II is .05 of the faculty salary base. One base unit for a Sessional Lecturer I is 3/4 of a Sessional Lecturer II base unit.

  11. Procedure

    7.1 The search, selection and appointment of Sessional Lecturers is governed by the University's Policy and Procedure A 10.01, Category C.

Interpretation Questions of interpretation or application of this policy or its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.

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