February 1990

Revision Date


AD 9-20

Revision No.

  1. Subject: Resignation
    (Applies to administrative and professional staff only.)

  2. Policy Statement

    Simon Fraser University wishes to maintain an orderly system for the administration and control of all employee resignations from the

  3. Definitions


    Resignation - the voluntary relinquishing of an employment relationship with the University, initiated by the employee.

  4. Responsibility


    4.01 Personnel to:

    1. Assist department chairs, supervisors and employees in the administration of the resignation policy.

    2. Prepare and submit to the Executive Director, Administrative Services reports regarding the reasons and the numbers of
      people leaving the University.

    3. Contact the employee and advise of the options for the disposition of pension funds and the effective date of
      termination of insured benefit coverage.

    4. Determine the amount of vacation credits/debits and advise the Payroll Office.

    4.02 Immediate Supervisor to:

    1. Complete the "Separation Notice" form (see Appendix 1) and forward to the Personnel office.

    2. Ensure that employees return all items that belong to the University.

    4.03 Employee to:

    1. Be aware of the policy and procedures regarding the resignation process.

    2. Submit written notice of resignation.

    3. Return all items belonging to the University, such as keys, credit cards, etc.

    4. Indicate choice as to the disposition of pension funds.

  1. Notice Period


    Employees should provide, in writing, a minimum of four (4) weeks' notice of resignation so that the department can obtain a replacement.

  2. Internal Transfers


    6.01 Reasonable notice is expected when an employee transfers from one department to another department within the university.

    6.02 The supervisors in the two departments, in consultation, should arrive at a mutually acceptable transfer date.