PLCY 802 (Spring) is the macroeconomics half of our two core economics courses that provide a foundation for public policy analysis. Macroeconomics focuses on the whole economy and what determines national income, interest rates, levels of employment, and economic growth.  In addition, it covers international trade flows and their importance to the Canadian economy. It builds on the micro-foundations from PLCY 801.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the course is to help students gain an understanding of core economic principles that you can apply to policy analysis and build upon in other courses in the program. Economics is central to many policy issues and the course provides a solid theoretical foundation that can then be applied to practical public policy issues.

The primary objectives are to:

  • Introduce the basic principles and techniques of economic theory and
  • Apply that theory to current public policy issues.

Course Format and Evaluation

Class sessions combine lectures, discussion, class exercises, presentations, and interactive work. The class format in 802 will be a combination of pre-lecture reading and exercises, review and extension of concepts in class time, and in-class discussion ‘learning by doing’ segment where we focus on applying economic theory to policy problems.

Evaluation will be in the form of assignments that cover current policy issues that involve economic analysis and examinations.