Student Research

Independent Student Research: The Capstone (Major Research Project) and Extended Policy Analysis Projects

A highlight of the MPP program is the opportunity for students to undertake independent research on a policy problem of their choosing. Students choose between two options: the Capstone (15,000 words maximum) or the Extended Policy Analysis (7,500 words maximum). 

Students receive tailored support from a faculty supervisor as well as from their peers in formulating and carrying out their research and analysis and throughout the writing process. 

Our students’ Capstone research is available through the SFU Library system, see: Summit Research Repository site. To access the complete list of MPP Capstones, go to ‘Filter by Collection’ in the right-side menu and select ‘Public Policy.’  

British Columbia Priorities Project

The British Columbia Priorities project (BCP) is an educational and research collaboration between the School of Public Policy and provincial and municipal government and non-profit sector partners which began in 2010. Through the BCP students undertake real world policy projects for and with external agencies. A key goal of the BCP is to enhance student learning outcomes through practical opportunities to work directly on issues of concern to government departments and community organizations. 

Students work as small teams to develop research plans and timelines, consult with their BCP partner, conduct research and formulate recommendations that address the policy problem being investigated. At the end of the project, students deliver a written report and presentation to share their findings and recommendations with their policy partner. There is no cost to BCP partners participating in the project. Below we provide an information sheet for organizations interested to become partners, as well as indicative lists of recent partners and projects.

Recent Partner Organizations