The course on econometrics is for learning how to do evaluation of statistics for chosen effects on an interested specific case. The basic strategy is to link models, which are equations, to existing data with statistical representations and chosen methodologies. Then estimations are done for outcomes by questions with all the constraints to get sound results. So, learning goals for Quantitative Research Methods are how to handle such systems to make them sound and obtain results from a chosen problem decided to be very important. A process must avoid getting unsuitable evaluations by the obtained results.

Goals and Objectives

Learning goal is set-ups based on the structure of what a paper for econometric analysis will require. Econometrics is based on studying Economics issues or some Political Science starting to be linked to it. The initial objective is specific use of statistical processes to justify the analytical type and the chosen variables. The next objective is major methodologies for estimations given the chosen model and types of data used. Methodologies are seen to be different and specific for the nature of the chosen variable to explain and for considered features which can be over time focus, different regions or different participants for the chosen question.

Course Format and Evaluation

The course gives detailed explanations and what is necessary to use for quality of econometric evaluation with actual practice of each necessity. A compulsory book must be used systematically, detailed notes are distributed and information practice is given. Due to the large number of possible operations to do for valid analysis, there cannot be just memorization of aspects.

Knowledge for use of this methods is by the following compulsory evaluations:

  • Three assignment to show some practices (30%)
  • Final paper which will describe one chosen empirical analysis (50%) and manage its problems for not perfect results.
  • Final paper's choice of the topic and chosen statistics must be first given (10%) 
  • Active participation (10%)

Topic Areas

Overall the issues considered are: What is econometrics? Set-up analysis: Required quality of dependent variable and link between dependent and explanatory variables. Hypothesis testing. Choosing types on technical and functional forms. Types of estimations. Potential problems for initial explanatory system and available corrections to handle it.