Celebrating the MPP Class of 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 MPP graduates, the students whose capstones and projects were nominated for outstanding achievement and this year’s award recipients. Your dedication and work is truly commendable and cause for celebration.

Outstanding achievement award recipients from the Class of 2021:

Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA) Award
The CAPPA award is given for the outstanding capstone of a graduating student. The awardee is SPP's nominee for the National Student Thought Leadership Award competition at the annual national IPAC conference in August.
Soma Barsen for her Capstone titled Vancouver’s Dirty Laundry: Policy considerations and interventions to address synthetic (plastic) microfibre ocean pollution in a large urban centre
Supervisor: Nancy Olewiler

Master of Public Policy Award
The MPP Award recognizes a capstone that exemplifies outstanding public policy research in all respects and application of what has been taught in the program including: problem definition, analytical framework, analysis, specification of policy alternatives and analysis of those alternatives.
Ashley Muchka for her capstone Traffick stop: Addressing labour exploitation of migrant workers in Canada
Supervisor: Josh Gordon

Ethical Significance Award
The Ethical Significance award is given when a capstone to touches on social, economic, or political injustices in any policy sphere and exemplifies outstanding analysis.
Munir-Khalid Aziz Dossa for his capstone Electing a diverse city: Improving visible-minority representation in local governments in Metro Vancouver
Supervisor: Josh Gordon

Doug McArthur Capstone Award
This award honours a graduating Masters of Public Policy student from SFU in recognition of the completion of an outstanding capstone. The capstone has the potential to have a lasting impact and influence public policy decisions and actions. It demonstrates skilled and innovative approaches that fully incorporate societal objectives such as efficiency, social justice, freedom of choice, protection against harm, development, and sustainability, as well as government management imperatives such as effectiveness, costs, implementation challenges, stakeholder and public acceptance. Its methods help to reconcile the interplay of complex, often competing objectives when developing alternatives and solutions to a significant and challenging policy problem.
Jenn McDermid for her capstone Moving beyond end-demand legislation: Understanding the impact of client criminalization on sex worker health and safety and policy alternatives to end-demand approaches to sex work
Supervisor: Kora DeBeck

Project Award
The Project Award goes to an outstanding public policy project paper that as with our other prizes represents outstanding research on a topic of major importance to society.
Andrew Marriott for his paper Privacy or profits? The future of consumer protection and digital privacy in Canada
Supervisor: Josh Gordon

MPP Caucus Service Award
Awarded to the individual(s) who went above and beyond in service to the caucus and their fellow students over the past year, demonstrating acts of leadership, initiative and support.
Members of the MPP Mental Health Committee: Megan Bowers, Disha Bhatnagar and Ruby Sarkar