Paymaneh Ritchie

Manager, Academic & Administrative Resources

Paymaneh Ritchie is an alumni of Simon Fraser University; she completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (Environmental). She also holds a Master's degree in Biotechnology from University of New South Wales and a post-graduate certification as a Clinical Research Associate from Kiriger International.

Paymaneh's career spans the public and private sectors; she has held leadership roles in the private industry including in biopharmaceutical,  procurement and heavy industry, and has a long track record of management within the public sector including in higher education. Having managed her own businesses, she has observed that the key to any successful venture, public or otherwise, is in the relationships one creates.

Paymaneh seeks to promote a sense of community at School of Public Policy and is always keen to learn from school's amazing staff, faculty and students. In her role as Manager, she is provides administrative leadership including in planning and operationalizing the delivery of academic and non-academic activities of the department. Her role is to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the unit by developing strategies and plans to achieve objectives and lead ongoing business process improvements.