Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain and the Future of Work

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Blockchain technology is making headlines. Some claim that it will fundamentally change the way we transact, but most people have a hard time understanding exactly what it is. 

Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, allowing for the decentralized exchange of value and information. Such an innovation could bring a new layer of security and transparency to a number of industries.

Join us on March 6th for an introductory panel, which will explore the wide-ranging applications of blockchain and the implications for business here in BC and in the global economy.

This event is organized by the Graduate Business Student Association at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. We invite all students, alumni and interested members of the community to join us in the dialogue.

Tue, 06 Mar 2018

6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (PT)

SFU Harbour Centre
515 W Hastings St., Vancouver
Segal Rooms 

About Brave New Work

The 2018 Community Summit, Brave New Work, invites us to consider how can we all thrive in the changing world of work.

Technological growth is happening at an unprecedented rate and scale, and it is fundamentally altering the way we organize and value work. The work we do (and how we do it) is changing. One of the biggest challenges in effectively responding to this new world of work is creating a shared understanding of the issues at play and how they intersect. Individuals, businesses, governments, educational institutions, and civil society must collaborate to construct the future we want.

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Dr. Peter Chow-White

Dr. Peter Chow-White is Professor and Director of the School of Communication and the GeNA Lab at Simon Fraser University. He researches the development, adoption, and impact of communication, blockchain, and big data. He also works with industry partners building next generation communication technologies in health and genomics, social media, blockchain, sports, and big data.

David Gustin

David has served as the founder and president of Global Business Intelligence (“GBI”) since 1996 and has been running a global research and advisory practice centered on helping financial institutions, vendors and corporations with trade services, trade credit and financial supply chain matters. His formal education includes an Information Systems and Economics degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, an MBA from Purdue, and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Along with Jason Busch and the Spend Matters Network, he is also the co-founder and Managing Director of Trade Financing Matters.

David also established the first undergraduate FinTech course in Canada at Simon Fraser University and advises FinTech companies, Financial Institutions, and Specialty Lenders, with a focus on the B2B space, to help them with business models, partnering, talent, strategy, etc.

Fraser Hartley

Fraser is a partner at Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP where his practices involves assisting starts up and later stage companies in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and securities law.  He has a particular interest in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors.

Amber Scott

Amber is a compliance nerd and technology enthusiast. She fell down the bitcoin rabbit hole in 2013, and hasn't looked back. Her company, Outlier Solutions Inc. helps companies from coast to coast to coast stay out of trouble (alongside their sister companies in the USA and UK).

Erynn Tomlinson

Erynn Tomlinson is the VP of Product Development at Etherparty. She has been creating and overseeing digital product development for over 20 years. Etherparty is a blockchain technology company that develops smart contract applications powered by Fuel tokens. They are currently developing a platform that allows users to create smart contracts on any compatible blockchain without having any programming knowledge.


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