Webinar: W12+Exchange: Leading the Way for Water Security During COVID-19

The first three W12+ events of 2021 are part of the new W12+ Accelerator, “Breaking the Cycle: COVID-19 and Water Insecurity”, which dives into the complex interactions of water scarcity driving a global pandemic and the consequent water insecurity driven by the pandemic in urban settings. 

  • Addressing Food Insecurity in KlemtuAddressing Food Insecurity in Klemtu
    As the COVID-19 pandemic has outlined, food supply chains can be extremely fragile. The pandemic, especially, has shown how important having a local food source is to the food security of remote communities. According to the First Nations Food, Nutrition and Environment Study, 48% of First Nations households are food insecure.

A joint research study between the Pacific Water Research Centre (PWRC) and the Fraser Basin Council (FBC) points to the need for engaging municipal governments and the general public in better understanding the use of nature-based solutions for preventing water pollution and protecting salmon. Read the report here.