Nutrition through Engagement and Agricultural Technologies


Nutrition through Engagement and Agricultural Technologies (N-EAT) is an SFU Pacific Water Research Centre (PWRC) project that works with First Nations communities in British Columbia, Canada, to enhance communities’ self-reliance on sustainable, nutritious, and organic foods, while ensuring sustainable access to water and energy. N-EAT builds on and expands local and traditional knowledge in these communities and leads to the use of best practices. It seeks to ensure that these communities are resilient against impacts of climate change and other related environmental and social stresses.

In 2019, the N-EAT Project has focused on the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nations, located in Klemtu, BC. This community relies on eco-tourism and aquaculture, primarily, to support their economy. A 40 ft by 20 ft greenhouse was built in Klemtu a few years ago but was not operational until N-EAT and local champions activated the greenhouse and built community gardens. Master gardeners from EMBARK ran workshops with students and adults, building intergenerational enthusiasm as families learned and grew together. The N-EAT Project continues to support Klemtu in achieving local, sustainable food production and engaging the community in educational activities, infrastructure assessment, and redevelopment, all leading to enhanced nutritional intake.

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