Delta E plus student internship in Halifax, Nova scotia

May 01, 2023

Narges Sefid, a Ph.D. student from Delta E plus group, has been collaborating with Net Zero Atlantic (NZA) organization since September 2023. The project investigates the impact of land limitations on renewable energy systems in the Atlantic region. On May 2023, she had the opportunity to work in the NZA office in Halifax, located in the PIER collaborative working space on the port of Halifax.

This one-month experience mostly included working with the modelling team on collecting appropriate data on land intensity for different energy forms and extending the dataset accordingly, as well as conceptualizing the project objective through discussions with the team and starting the model development stage, which was accelerated by in-person communications.

Prof. Taco Niet from Delta E plus joined the office for one week during this time to give a speech on “Just and equitable energy systems” for over 30 audiences. The team also had two visits to university research teams during Taco’s stay. The first was to Applied Energy Research lab at NSCC campus and the second to the Renewable Energy Storage lab at Dalhousie university.

During this internship, Narges had the support of project managers Kathleen Mufflin and Sven Scholtysik, as well as technical help from Mohammed Al-katheri. She also enjoyed visiting the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful port city of Halifax.

Participants: Dr. Taco Niet, and Narges Sefid