This study aims to enhance the Climate, Land, Energy, and Water systems (CLEWs) model to enable a more robust and accessible evaluation of the trade-offs and synergies among interconnected sources. To achieve detailed cross-regional interdependencies, a significant emphasis is placed on conducting a comprehensive analysis of land and water data, while considering the cost of the computational process associated with improving the spatial resolution. We are adopting the GLOBAL Agro-Ecological Zones (GAEZ) dataset to examine the interdependencies of water, land, and energy nexus under a set of biophysical constraints.

The study's first case is Kenya, and a policy brief will be presented, followed by a capacity development workshop for experts from government and academia to use the CLEWs model to discuss energy sources' interactions and impacts on meeting SDGs. This project aims to foster a long-term relationship between Kenyan academics and the government for regional and national planning.


Researchers: Yalda

Funder: Catalyste+ and Mitacs.

Date: Started July 2022

Sub-Projects: Detailed Land and Water Representation for CLEWs Modelling (Yalda)