We are developing a CLEWs model generator to create a base energy system model in OSeMOSYS that includes land (food) and water interactions for any user defined set of countries in the world. In addition to developing new energy systems models, ΔE+  is also committed to making models more open and accessible. Models that consider vital resource systems in addition to energy are crucial for informing policies that takes into account water and land systems, and making CLEWs models more accessible can help to promote open and accessible policy analysis. Based on existing data sets such as OSeMOSYS Global and the Global Agro-Ecological Zoning Database, we are developing a tool to automatically build a base Climate, Land, Energy, Water systems (CLEWs) model of any user-inputted country or countries. The model generator will make it easier to get a basic CLEWs model for any country, to make for more consistent and accessible CLEWs modelling.


Researchers: Yalda, and Kamaria