Energy Systems Modelling at the Delta-E+ Research Lab

The energy systems modelling field is evolving to address challenges of demand side management, electricity storage, distributed energy resources, decarbonization pathways and more.  This poses significant challenges for modellers as the techniques and model structures needed to address these challenges are not well established, and in some cases, not yet developed.  The literature has many examples of attempts to address each of these topics, but much work remains to be able to address these topics in a holistic manner to best guide energy system policies towards decarbonization.  At the Delta-E+ Research Lab at Simon Fraser University School of Sustainable Energy Engineering we develop modelling techniques to address these challenges for both Canadian and International contexts, helping improve energy systems analysis around the globe.  In this page we describe some of the recent developments in modelling at Delta-E+ and identify ongoing modelling challenges.  These modelling innovations will allow for better energy policies to be implemented by governments, industry and public sector partners both in Canada and Internationally.

Decarbonization of BC’s Energy System

Researchers: Pierre, Elias

Funders: PICS with ‘solution seekers’ RH2C, Aeolis Wind and research partners BC Hydro

Date: Started March 2022

Sub-Projects: PyPSA BC, and BC Nexus Model

Land use implication of developing renewable energy resources: A case study of Atlantic Canada

Researchers: Narges

Funder: Net Zero Atlantic, Mitacs

Date: Started Sep 2022

Developing CLEWs Modelling Methods to support the SDGs

Researchers: Yalda

Funder: Catalyste+ and Mitacs.

Date: Started July 2022

Sub-Projects: Detailed Land and Water Representation for CLEWs Modelling (Yalda)

Enabling Vehicle Fleet Electrification in British Columbia: Understanding the trends, barriers and opportunities

Researchers: Teddy (Fleet LCA, Survey), Kamaria (Modelling/operational impacts)


Date: Started Jan 2021

Sub-Projects: BC Fleet Decarbonization (Teddy & Kamaria)


Researchers: Trevor

US-Canada Model

Researchers: Sina, and Trevor