Tewodros Walle Mekonnen

Ph.D. Student, Sustainable Energy Engineering


Tewodros has a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Mekelle University and Masters' in Energy Technology from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.  His Masters' research focused on Model-Based Design of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine and Its Control System.

Tewodros’s Ph.D. will be on systems modelling and electrification pathways to support effective policy-making for sustainable development. Specifically, his research will focus on the barriers and greenhouse gas reduction opportunities with the electrification of commercial medium-duty vehicle fleets in British Columbia.

He has had more than 8 years experience as a Lecturer and researcher at Energy Centre, Addis Ababa University and at the Windfarm, Biofuels Implementing Programme, Energy System Development Pathways projects in Ethiopia.