Congratulations Jelena Golubovic!

February 27, 2017

Jelena Golubovic has been awarded The Muslim Studies Graduate Student Travel Award for fieldwork in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The Award is given by the Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures at SFU.

Jelena Golubovic entered the PhD program in Anthropology in fall 2015. She completed her M.A. in Sociology at York University and her B.A. in International Studies at Simon Fraser University. She is interested ethnography and the anthropology of violence, with a regional focus on the former Yugoslavia. Through her research at SFU, she intends to explore the mundane and hidden formations of violence in everyday life, particularly how violence affects the post-war social lives of Serbian women in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jelena‚Äôs SSHRC-funded MA research explored the symbolic hierarchies of Europe from the perspectives of middle-class youth in Belgrade, Serbia. Using the lens of abnormalcy discourse in post-conflict and post-socialist settings, she considered how the legacy of the violent 1990s continues to affect the subjectivities of Serbian youth in the context of EU expansion. She is currently supported by a SSHRC Doctoral Scholarhsip. Senior Supervisor: Parin Dossa; Committee Member: Sonja Luehrmann.