Courses in Sociology and Anthropology

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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers undergraduate courses designed to provide students with the theoretical and analytical tools to better understand the social and cultural forces that affect our lives and the lives of people in other societies. Such understanding is an important part of general education and should lead to more effective participation in society.

Courses offered by the department can provide students specializing in other disciplines with an appreciation of social and cultural processes that will complement their specialization.

Enrollment Reserves in SA Courses

Upper division SA courses are reserved until open enrollment for students declared in any of the SA programs (majors, minors, joint majors, etc.). The majority of seats in the core required courses for the majors are reserved until open enrollment for students declared in those majors. Students who are not declared in an SA program can access the waitlist before open enrollment, and then will be moved in upon open enrollment if there is room.

Directed Readings

Upper level students may be interested in doing a directed reading in Anthropology (SA 496) or Sociology (SA 497) under the direction of a single faculty member. A paper will be required. Only 1 directed readings course can be applied to a program in Anthropology or Sociology. Students interested in doing a directed reading should have completed at least 72 units, and should contact advising and start looking for a faculty supervisor in the term before the one in which they wish to do the course.

SFU NOW -- Evening & Weekend Courses

The SFU NOW program gives enrollment priority in some evening and weekend classes to students who work full time (30+ hours per week). SFU NOW offers a number of SA courses each term, mostly at the Harbour Centre campus, but also at the Surrey campus

Distance Education Courses (CODE)

The department has some of its courses written in a format so students can take them online at their own convenience as an alternative to classroom study. See the Centre for Distance Education website. Unfortunately, a major in Anthropology or Sociology cannot be fulfilled by taking all courses through the Centre for Distance Education.