Destination SFU/Home Away From Home

The Destination SFU/ Home Away From Home key action area is about making the physical campuses more vibrant and exciting– a place where students want to stay and engage with their learning community, and where the wider community wants to visit. By creating spaces and opportunities for commuter students to feel welcome and feel the urge to stay on campus between classes and engage more fully with the SFU campus communities.

Impact on Student Experience

Initiative Highlights

The main focus of these projects is to ensure that students who are currently visiting campus can benefit from an improved the look and feel of various study and lounge spaces.

  • In 2020, the main objectives were to collaborate with the campuses to design the spaces; repair walls and paint lounge spaces; and deliver and install furniture to lounge spaces.
  • Similarly, students returning to campus in the Fall 2021 term will be met with a vibrant and lively campus setting, matched with new changes to paint, lighting, art work and furniture in various rooms at the Vancouver and Surrey campuses.
  • The rooms that have been renovated range from study spaces to relaxation and lounge rooms that allow students to enjoy the campus, even for non-academic purposes. 



Beginning in 2021, the team will look at different ways to consult with students for feedback on space design, furniture selection, inventory and logistics to ensure that the project met its outlined goals and to inform future projects. The construction of the ablution stations and the multi-faith space will begin in 2021.