Mission, vision and core values

Each of the seven key areas of the SEI are working to achieve the same overarching goals.

Our Mission

Our goal is to shift the SFU culture by bringing together the community through meaningful connections and working together to improve student experience.

Our Vision

A connected and supportive learning community that approaches student needs holistically.

Core Values

  1. Student participation and involvement is at the core

    Students are at the centre of all SEI work. Their contributions and decisions are key to its success.

  2. Student experience is everybody's job

    Everyone at SFU has a direct or indirect impact on student experience. Responsibility for student experience is shared by the entire SFU community—students, staff and faculty.

  3. A holistic view of the student is key

    The design of student support acknowledges the intersectional and multi-dimensional nature of student identities and responsibilities. Student support addresses the "whole person."

  4. Student experience is different for distinct sub-groups of students—customized approaches will be needed

    An activity intended to enhance student experience may positively affect some sub-groups and negatively affect other sub-groups. The uniqueness of student sub-groups is valued.

  5. Student experience should feel seamless across faculties, service units, and campuses—collaboration is essential

    Advancing the student experience requires cross-unit communication and collaboration, including across the Faculties, between the Faculties and Service Units, and across all three campuses in order to provide an integrated system of support.