Key Action Areas

Learn more about each of the eight key areas where students, faculty, staff, and alumni are collaborating to enhance the student experience– and how you can get involved.

These eight broad action areas were identified based on research literature, student survey data, community consultations, and what other similar institutions are doing. Each has a dedicated working group comprised of students, faculty and staff. If you’d like to get involved on one of these working groups, explore the key areas below to find the best person to contact.

Destination SFU/ Home Away From Home

Making the physical campuses more vibrant and exciting– a place where students want to stay and engage with their learning community, and where the wider community wants to visit.

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Navigating SFU

Providing effective and easy-to-use online and print tools for seamless access and interaction with SFU systems; supporting student-centred policies and processes for all three campuses.

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Improving communication to students

Developing a university-wide strategy for communicating with students through channels and tools they use, with messaging they relate to in a coordinated manner across the University so that students are not overwhelmed by information-overload.

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Ideas too good to ignore

Reserving space for ideas that may not fall squarely into any of the identified action areas above, but that are clearly ideas with high impact potential.

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Healthier campus community

Mental health and well-being have been identified by both undergraduate and graduate students as a key area of concern. We’ll work with the Healthy Campus Community Initiative to significantly advance activity in this area.

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Supervision for the 21st century

Improving the supervisory experience for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows; bringing clarity and consistency around research assistantships.

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Building community and sense of belonging

Evoking a sense of belonging and connection; ensuring SFU is a welcoming, safe, equitable, and inclusive community for all students; supporting transitions in and out, especially for those coming from different environments and bridging to new ones.

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