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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.


Reasons the CAL may deny an accommodation request

There are a number of possible reasons that an accommodation request may be denied by the CAL. For instance, you may not a qualify as having a disability, as defined under the SFU Access Policy for Students with Disabilities. Other reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • The accommodation is not supported by the your documentation
  • The accommodation constitutes a personal service or personal care, which are not covered by the CAL
  • The accommodation would change the fundamental requirements of the course, program, service or activity
  • The accommodation constitutes undue hardship or financial burden

If you are dissatisfied with your accommodations

If you are dissatisfied or disagree with the accommodations recommended by the CAL, our grievance policy ensures that you have the right to request a review of your concerns. Please see the Appeals section of our website for complete information.

If your instructor has concerns about an accommodation

An instructor may have a concern about a classroom or exam accommodation, even if it is recommended by the CAL, usually because the instructor feels it may cause fundamental alterations to their course’s core requirements or pose undue administrative burden.  If this occurs, the instructor is encouraged to review the issue with the CAL.  It may be possible that an alternative arrangement/accommodation can be determined that meets all parties’ needs.