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Our office hours are 9 am to 4 pm,
Monday to Friday

Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
1250 Maggie Benston Centre
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6
Phone: 778.782.3112
Secure Fax: 778.782.4384

Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Meeting with a Disability Access Advisor

Students are required to meet with a Disability Access Advisor prior to the start of classes each semester. The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Determine your eligibility for accommodations that semester
  • Explain the procedures you will need to follow for securing accommodations
  • Inform you about any relevant services that are available to you through the CAL, as well as other campus resources that may be helpful to you

What to expect during your appointment

  1. A review of your documentation. Your Disability Access Advisor will verify your eligibility for accommodations and discuss what types of services and/or accommodations you may need this semester. If your initial documentation is incomplete or inadequate for determining the extent of your disability and appropriate accommodations, additional documentation may be requested.
  2. In consultation with the Disability Access Advisor, you will complete Accommodation Forms outlining the accommodations you are recommended to receive from your instructor(s). Your Disability Access Advisor will advise you on how to discuss the form with your instructors. 

Things you may want to ask about

  • Accessible residences and attendant requirements
  • Adaptive technology requirements
  • Arrangements for text books in large print, Braille, audio, or other formats
  • Arrangements for ASL interpreters, note takers, etc.
  • Assistance with course scheduling
  • Campus accessibility maps
  • Campus transportation requirements
  • Financial resources
  • Tours of the campus and residences

Attending an initial meeting with a Disability Access Advisor does not mean that you must apply for accommodations.

However, visiting a Disability Access Advisor will help you learn about what the CAL has to offer, and establishing a file with us will make it easier to access services if you later decide assistance is needed. However, there is no obligation for students to continue seeking registration or accommodations with the CAL if they decide it is not right for them at a certain time.