Students Receiving Notes

Note-taker Request Letter

If you are approved for this accommodation, the CAL will request that the instructor make an announcement in class that there is a student who needs a note-taker and that anyone interested should contact the CAL. Instructors are requested to keep information regarding a student’s identity strictly confidential and the student’s name should not be mentioned in the announcement.

Identifying a Note-taker

When a note-taker is identified, the CAL will notify you directly. Students requesting note-takers should advise the CAL whether or not they prefer that their identity be shared with the note-taker or kept confidential.

Please note that, while we will do our best to assist you, we cannot guarantee that a note-taker will be found for every course in which note-taking assistance is required. If the term is progressing and you are concerned that no note-taker has been found for your course(s) you may wish to consult with your instructor to see if they can assist, or contact your Learning Specialist to discuss other options