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Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
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Visit our Accessibility Information Page to find detailed information about our office and its accessibility considerations.

Parking Services

If you require a student permit for disabled parking on campus, see the categories below to find out which application process applies to you. Please note that all students are required to meet all deadlines surrounding the application for a parking permit. Students seeking disabled parking should arrange for their permit as soon as possible, before the start of semester wherever possible, to ensure their needs are met and appropriate accommodations are put in place in a timely manner.

Temporary Disability

If you have a temporary mobility impairment, such as is evidenced by a leg cast, you should schedule a consultation with a Disability Access Advisor. He or she will evaluate whether you are entitled to disabled parking on campus, and whether you will need any special parking accommodations, such as a wider stall or one that is within a certain proximity to your place of study or work.

For your appointment, have your physician complete a Verification of Disability – Disabled Parking Form. If further medical documentation is needed, the Disability Access Advisor may recommend that you be offered disabled parking for a brief period of time to give you the opportunity to secure and submit it.
If the Disability Access Advisor determines that you are entitled to a disabled parking spot, a recommendation will be made to Parking Services and you will be instructed to follow up with the Parking Services Office.

Permanent/Chronic Disability

This application process will apply to you if you are seeking disabled parking for a period that exceeds one semester. If this is the case, and you have a permanent or chronic disability, SFU requires that you first obtain a SPARC BC disabled parking permit (see links below) before applying for an SFU parking permit. This ensures that all students who apply for disabled parking at SFU under this category are evaluated on an equal basis, and will also provide you with a valuable resource for accessing disabled parking in designated zones in the wider BC community.

Once you have a valid SPARC card, you could arrange for disabled parking directly with Parking Services Office. While you are awaiting approval of the SPARC card, you can be accommodated with parking for up to one semester.

If you will need any additional parking accommodations, such as a wider parking stall or one that is within a certain proximity to your place of study or work, schedule an appointment with a Disability Access Advisor at the CAL. The CAL will then communicate with Parking Services to confirm this privilege on your parking permit if it is approved.  

Need to Know More about SPARC Cards?

Visit the SPARC BC homepage or see our SPARC BC Parking Permit FAQs.