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Instructor awareness and satisfaction survey Centre for Accessible Learning

Instructor Survey - CAL - Student Services - Simon Fraser University

Informed Consent by Participants in a Research Study

(Appl no. 2010s01931)


We ask you to complete this survey so that we can monitor our progress and gauge current awareness and satisfaction levels on campus. Any information you provide will be kept anonymous and confidential. Response data will be used to help the SFU Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) provide the most effective support to its student and faculty stakeholders.


If you agree to participate in the study, you will be asked to complete a survey regarding awareness and satisfaction with services provided through the CAL. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. The risks in completing this survey are minimal to non-existent.


This study will provide first-hand feedback regarding the quality of services offered through the CAL. This information will be used to determine the allocation of resources within the CAL and inform the development of policies/processes, etc. The information will also be used to tailor awareness and marketing campaigns to ensure that the CSD's stakeholders are aware of available services, and of the University's commitment to this population. The survey will be repeated biennially to track the CSD's efforts to fulfill its mandate.


Any information that is obtained in connection with this study will be kept confidential to the full extent permitted by the law. You will be asked to provide some general demographic information, which is required to facilitate the analysis of responses, but no other identifying information. In order to protect your anonymity, please do not indicate your name anywhere on the survey. All survey data is collected using a secure server, and all data files are password protected. Access to online questionnaire data is restricted to research staff.


Your participation in this study is voluntary. You will indicate your consent to participate in the collection of the survey data by clicking the 'submit' button at the bottom of this page. You may withdraw from the survey at any time by clicking the 'close window' button and none of your entered data will be saved. You may also refuse to answer any questions you do not want to answer and still remain in the study.


If you have any questions about the research, or would like to obtain a summary of the results of this study, please contact Dr. Mitchell Stoddard, principal investigator, Centre for Accessible Learning, at or 778 782-3313.


The University and those conducting this study subscribe to the ethical conduct of research and to the protection at all times of the interests, comfort and safety of participants. This research is being conducted under permission of the Simon Fraser Research Ethics Board. The chief concern of the Board is for the health, safety and psychological well-being of research participants. Should you wish to obtain information about your rights as a participant in research, or about the responsibilities of researchers, or if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about the manner in which you were treated in this study, please contact the Director of the Office of Research Ethics (Dr. Hal Weinberg, or 778-782-6593).


By clicking the link below, you will signify that you have read and understood the description of the procedures, possible risks and benefits of this research study, that you have received an adequate opportunity to consider this information, and that you voluntarily agree to participate in this study.


Having been asked to participate in the research study named above, I certify that I have read the procedures specified above describing the study. I understand the procedures to be used in this study. I have been informed that the research will be confidential. I understand that I may withdraw my participation at any time.

I agree and will take the survey (click on the link if you wish to take the survey)

If you do not wish to take the survey, close the browser window and no record will be made of your visit.