Back on Track (BOT) Program

What is the Back on Track Program?

The Back on Track Program offers students in academic difficulty the opportunity to assess their academic choices, analyze their challenges, strengthen skills and develop strategies for future academic and personal success. The Program uses a combination of individual consultations, group meetings, in-person activities, and online learning opportunities which promote self-regulation, reflective practice and transformative learning. Successful program applicants, rather than be Required to Withdraw from the university, are eligible to participate in an Extended Academic Probation. In fact, successful students in the program have the “Required to Withdraw” standing removed from their permanent record.

Program Overview

As illustrated by the chart below, there are multiple paths through the three terms of the program depending on your academic standing.

Please Note: This chart is only applicable to students who are in Term 1 of the Back on Track program in Summer 2021 or after. 


Please review the Guide to Academic Standing and Continuance for more information. Academic standings:

  • GAS - Good Academic Standing
  • OAP - On Academic Probation
  • CAP - Continued on Probation
  • EAP - Extended Academic Probation
  • RTW - Required to Withdraw
  • EW/PW - Extended Withdrawal

You are eligible to participate in the program if you were Required to Withdraw (RTW) in the term immediately prior to starting the program. For example, if you were RTW in the Spring term, then you are eligible to participate in the Summer term as your Term One.

Deferrals can be granted depending on your circumstances. If you were RTW in an earlier term, you may still be eligible to join. Please contact the Back on Track office by emailing for more details.

If this is the second time for you to be Required to Withdraw (PW), or you have previously participated in the RTW version of the program, or have a hold on your student account for academic or non-academic misconduct, then you do not qualify to participate.

See for information about how to book an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss your options.