Back on Track Frequently Asked Questions

For other questions about the Back on Track program, see our Program Overview and Resources pages, or Contact Us.

How do I register for BOT?

The first step is to register for an Information Session on our New Intake Information page:

After you’ve completed your Information Session, the Back on Track program office will send you an email with the next steps you need to take to register in the program. This email will have links to our online Student Agreement, access to Intake appointments, as well as your pre-Intake form. You should receive this email within a few business days of completing your Information Session.

Attending an Information Session does not register you in to the Back on Track program. Its purpose is to let you explore your options. It is, however, required if you decide to join.

Once you have completed your Intake appointment and submitted your Student Agreement, you are officially in the program. You may not see the Back on Track program reflected in your Student Information System ( account right away. See the question, "Do I have to enroll in anything on for Term 1 of BOT?" for more information.

Summer 2023 related information: The deadline to join the Back On Track program for the 2023 Summer term is Monday, June 5th. You must have completed an information session prior to this date. To register for an information session, please click here

How do I pay my fees?

The program fees are posted to your account each term according to the term and/or BOT section you are enrolled in. You pay these fees the same way that you pay your regular tuition fees.

In Term 1 of the Back on Track program, your fees may not appear in SIS immediately. Our program manager will send you an email once the fees have been applied to your account.

How will my medical coverage work while I'm in BOT?

For questions about your medical coverage while you’re in BOT, please see the link below:

Can I stay in SFU Residence while I'm in BOT?

Students in all terms of Back on Track are eligible for SFU Residence. However, a spot is not guaranteed. They require a copy of the confirmation email indicating your Intake appointment time.

See the links below for more information about applying for residence:

How will my participation in BOT appear on my transcript?

For each term you participate in the Back on Track program, you will participate in a different BOT course. Each BOT course has a different number and different corresponding requirements, and each BOT course will show up on your transcript.

  • RTW students in Term One will be in BOT 110
  • In Term Two, you will be in BOT 120
  • In Term Three, you will either be in BOT 140, 145 or 150, depending on your grades in Term Two. Each of the BOT classes are graded as pass/fail, and you will see the ‘P’ or an ‘F’ for each class on your transcript.

Additionally, the “Required to Withdraw” (RTW) standing is taken off of your record and changed to “Extended Academic Probation” (EAP). Provided you pass each term of the program, and are not RTW once you have completed the program, you will not have ‘Required to Withdraw’ recorded on your transcript.

Participation in the BOT program will also be recorded in a few additional places on your transcript:

  1. On the top left hand side of your transcript under ‘Student Programs.’ A notation that says “Back on Track Student Success WQB-No; Program IN-Back on Track Student Success.”
  2. At the very end of their transcript, a note under ‘Student Group’ that indicates the BOT term in which you are currently registered.

What happens to my student loan eligibility during my time in BOT?

All BOT students are subject to the same student loan policies and requirements as all other SFU students. This means that students are not eligible to receive student loans in Term One of the program, because they are not taking any classes.

Students may be eligible to receive standard student loans in Terms Two and Three of the program. If you are concerned about student loans, please speak with someone from SFU Financial Aid for detailed and up-to date assistance and advice:

Am I eligible for a UPass in Term 1 of BOT?

No, students in Term 1 of Back on Track are not eligible for a UPass. Please see SFU’s UPass BC Eligibilty page for more information:

Do I need to enroll in anything on for Term 1 of BOT?

No. After you have submitted your Student Agreement and have completed your Intake appointment, you will be automatically enrolled in Back on Track by the program office.

Term 1 of the Back on Track program appears in SIS as “BOT 110”. It may take several weeks after you have completed your Intake for BOT 110 to appear on your record.

Do I need to enroll in anything on for Term 2 of BOT?

Yes. Every student in Term 2 of BOT needs to enroll in a weekly BOT 120 section with a date and location that works with their class schedule.

Do I need to enroll in anything on for Term 3 of BOT?

It depends. Once your academic standing is determined at the end of Term 2, the program office will send you an email to let you know which BOT class you are required to take. 

  • If you are in Good Academic Standing (GAS) at the end of Term 2, the Program Office will automatically enroll you in BOT 150.
  • If you are required to enroll in BOT 140 or BOT 145, you will need to register yourself in the appropriate class section using SIS. 

International Student Related Questions

As an international student, will my participation in BOT affect my study permit conditions?

As a study permit holder, you are expected to actively pursue studies  by remaining enrolled and making timely, reasonable progress toward completing your program of study in Canada. 

To be considered actively pursuing studies, international students should be enrolled in a full-time or occasionally a part-time unit/credit load. For undergraduate students at SFU, Spring and Fall terms are considered as academic terms for immigration purposes.   

Please note that you are not required to study full time in each term in order to maintain your study permit and comply with your study permit conditions. For more information, please review the following resources:

As a study permit holder, can I work on and or off campus while I am in BOT?

While participation in BOT should not negatively impact your compliance with the study permit conditions, your enrollment status during BOT affects your ability to work on and or off campus under your study permit. For enrollment requirements for working on and or off campus, click on the links below:

In addition, you must meet certain criteria as outlined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC). Please review the detailed Working On and Off Campus instruction guide for more information.

Students in Term 1 of BOT are enrolled with a part time credit load. Thus, if you are enrolled in Term 1 during an academic term (i.e. Spring and Fall terms), you will not be eligible to work on or off campus until you resume full-time enrollment.

Will my participation in BOT impact my eligibility for the Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP)?

To be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP),  you must maintain continuous full-time status during each academic term(i.e. Spring and Fall terms for undergraduate students at SFU) with the exception of part-time status during their final term.

Thus, if you study part-time during a regular academic term (i.e. Spring and Fall terms), your eligibility for a post-graduation work permit may be impacted.  For more information please visit here. It is strongly recommended that you should connect with an International Student Advisor, Immigration Specialist  should you have any questions regarding the PGWP.

My study permit will expire soon and I am currently enrolled in BOT. Can I renew my study permit?

You may apply to extend your study permit based on your enrollment in BOT. Please refer to the Study Permit Extension Instruction Guides for detailed instructions.