About Work Integrated Learning

What "WIL" you do with your degree?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is responsible for helping you answer this question through 'learning by doing'. We help students become engaged in their education and career planning through career building opportunities. You will probably recognize our flagship program - Co-operative Education:

Co-operative Education (Co-op)

Do you feel prepared for life after graduation? Join Co-op to alternate between paid work semesters and study semesters, graduating with contacts, marketable skills and a year of experience in your field. Apply to Co-op as early as possible in your degree, and two semesters before your first intended work semester. Be sure to apply to Co-op before you reach 90 credit hours.

Fully paid, degree-related work experience

Apply as early as 1st year

Work Locally + Abroad

Co-op Info Sessions

Program-specific and general Co-op Info Sessions are offered on a semesterly basis. Check here for the current schedule or contact a Co-op office to inquire about the program.


Application Form

Are you ready to get started in SFU's Co-op Program and get fully paid, degree-related work experience? Students can apply to the Co-op program as early as their first year.

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Other Services

Not yet ready to commit to Co-op? If you're not yet ready to commit to Co-op, SFU still offers other terrific resources to help you explore your career options and gain experience through volunteering:

Career Services

Don't have a career plan? That's OK. Career Services offers one-on-one advising, workshops, job postings, career fairs and recruitment info sessions to help you explore your options and create possibilities. Start visiting Career Services in your first year to maximize your career potential... Learn More

Volunteer Services

Make a difference by supporting causes you care about. Volunteer Services connects you to the community, helping you explore your passion, network with new people and gain practical skills. On and off-campus volunteer postings available online... Learn More