The program funder requires students to be partnered with an organization that has a 9-digit business number registered with the Canada Revenue Agency. We have requested that the requirement be removed and are waiting for an answer. 

My partner is SFU. How do I get their business number?

If your employer or community partner is a part of SFU, we will provide the business number. Just enter the code “111-111-111" in the answer field.

What if I need time to get a business number from my employer?

You can apply now without the business number. Just enter the code “000-000-000" in the answer field. However, please note that you may be required to provide your employer's business number in order to be fully accepted into the program and eligible for the bursary. 

What if my employer doesn’t have a business number, or won’t share it with me?

You can apply now without the business number. If we are successful in having the business number requirement removed, you will become eligible for participation and your application will be reviewed alongside all other applications. However, please note that if the funder maintains this requirement, we will be unable to enroll you for this bursary program without a business number. 

How do I ask for a business number from my employer or community partner?

You are welcome to use this email template to request your employer or community partner’s business number.

Have additional questions?

Please reach out to Shari Virjee Tañada, JEI Strategist for SFU WIL: