Mentorship Student Testimonials

Looking for work experience when you have a disability can have its own set of unique challenges. It can be helpful to work alongside someone as you explore. The following video testimonial can give you an idea of how three SFU students were impacted by their mentorship journey with WIL’s Accessibility Coordinator:

WIL Mentorship – Student Highlights


Taryn is a fourth-year Computer Science major who is graduating soon and was worried about what life would be like post-graduation. Her previous job experiences had not gone well due to lack of support for her and her disability, and she wanted to prevent this from re-occurring.


Mikaela is a fourth-year student studying International Security. She first learned about the WIL mentorship program through her role in SFU’s Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance. As the student representative on WIL’s accessibility working group, Mikaela had built a working relationship which led to personal discussions about career opportunities post-graduation.


Mylene is a Biology major who sought out this mentorship relationship to help her explore career options and interesting jobs that exist. Through this mentorship, Mylene has learned more about her strengths and boosted her confidence which has given her the motivation to pursue new options.

WIL Mentorship – Student Testimonials


"I’ve learned that a lot of what I see as my weaknesses can actually be my strengths, utilizing that in my life and my work."

- Taryn Chung

"I’ve learned a lot about what employers are looking for and that I actually have more skills and traits that they want, compared to what I thought. Which has very much helped with my confidence and you know, I felt more confident recently with everything, like being able to talk with Zoreen and knowing more about stuff I can bring to future jobs."

- Mylene Girard


"This is the first time that I really felt truly supported by someone, especially in a professional setting, in the sense that even doctors or anyone else that I turned to like advisors, didn’t fully listen or they weren’t really too helpful other than exactly what I was asking.

She always really helped me and she would listen to any concerns or any questions that I had and kind of everything that I was struggling with and she would always go above and beyond to help me work through them.

I do really love this mentorship, and I told her before that I’m sad that I know it will end when I graduate, but just the fact that she’s been with me every step of the way; every concern or question, no matter how small she would have an answer for me."

- Taryn Chung


"I always thought that I couldn’t do co-op, I wanted to do it but because of certain policies or the timing and kind of just my anxieties about work, stopped me from actually going through with it. She told my that if it was something that I really wanted that I should just take all the steps that I needed to get done and even if someone said no, then at least I had put in my due diligence and then I could accept it afterwards but if I didn’t actually try then I guess will hinder me from searching more. So I’m doing co-op now and it’s … I’m really happy that I could actually—well I’ve done interviews and I rejected an offer but at least I’m going for it and I’m actually in the program so I’m excited."

- Taryn Chung


"with Zoreen I’ve really learned that my needs and desires are valid and how to really advocate for myself and ask for what I need and not just settling for any answer that anyone would give me."

- Taryn Chung

"Helping people understand what they want to do after they graduate and helping people get through their university experience as best as they can as a disabled person, she cares about accessibility, yeah, she’s awesome!"

- Mikaela Basile


"Not only has she become a mentor, I kind of see her as a friend, and she’s been a great advocate for disabled people and just a great advocate for me in general."

- Mikaela Basile

"About Zoreen in general, she’s very approachable and welcoming. Seeing as I’m very shy, it helped me kind of open up to her and tell her what I needed and what I was looking for and it just made communicating very easy."

- Mylene Girard