Other Career and WIL Opportunities

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SFU Aga Khan University Partnership Program

The Aga Khan University’s Virtual Internship Programme (AKU-VIP) provides you with a one-of-a-kind virtual placement to build valuable skills and enhance your cross-cultural competencies through work opportunities with diverse teams in more than 14 countries.

SFU India Connect Program

The SFU India Connect Program offers internships and co-op job opportunities that help students develop entrepreneurship and innovation related skills. There are two streams students can choose to participate in: Zone Startups and Deshpande Foundation.

Queen Elizabeth Scholars Program

SFU's Scholars for a Sustainable World program will support capacity-building and knowledge-sharing to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in five countries: Bangladesh, Ecuador, Iran, Nepal, and South Africa.

USRN at SFU Partnership Program

University Social Responsibility Network (USRN) is a consortium of member institutions across the world committed to university social responsibility through various initiatives.

WACE Global Challenge 

WACE Global Challenge Coming Soon

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