Alumni in love: stories span seven decades

February 26, 2024

SFU wasn’t just a place where our alumni studied, participated in fun activities and graduated. For many of them, SFU was also the place where they met their significant other. It’s where they fell in love!

We asked alumni to share their #SFULoveStory with us, and they did not disappoint—we received love stories spanning seven decades.

Quotes from some of the stories:

  • "Tim and I met in the SFU called studying, but really checking out people. Haha.”
  • “Shortly after these car ride flirts, it landed us both on Academic Probation in our first year of dating as we were hanging out in the AQ together instead of focusing on our studies.”
  • "We met while working together as Community Advisors in Shadbolt house. We were technically not supposed to date as coworkers, but 11 years, 3 degrees, a wedding, and a baby later we are very glad we bent the rules!"
  • "My husband, Bob, and I met at SFU as Charter Students. That means we were enrolled in September 1965. Bob came as a “mature” student at 21. I came via scholarships and bursaries from Gr. 12 in Burnaby.”
  • "In the heart of SFU’s academic corridors, my life took an unexpected turn when I met Alison. Our initial rivalry in a business class blossomed into a profound connection, transforming competition into companionship.”

Stories are being shared on Facebook and on Instagram. You can also view them all on our website.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their stories—they were a joy to read!