Valentine Dance & Show: 1966

Did you attend the Valentine Dance and Show on February 12, 1966?

SFU Archives recently acquired a poster for the event from Vancouver’s Neptoon Records.

SFU Archives are curious whether the headlining band, The Coasters, is the L.A. band most famous for its 1958 hit “Yakity Yak?” An iteration of the band is known to have performed in Vancouver around that time, including at the King of Clubs at 1275 Seymour Street. However, the band does not appear in the photographs of the event featured in the 1965/66 SFU yearbook (images below).

They are also curious about The Angels -- the American band known for “My Boyfriend’s Back” was touring at the time, but it seems they were already performing under their new moniker The Halos. Of course, it is very possible that there were local bands that went by these names as well.

If you have any information/background, please reach out to Melanie Hardbattle, Acquisitions and Outreach Archivist via email: