Outstanding Alumni Awards

Each year, SFU and the Alumni Association honour our most accomplished graduates with Outstanding Alumni Awards. Nominations are made by alumni, faculty, staff, students and SFU's many friends in the community. Since the awards were first introduced in 1983, they have become one of SFU's most celebrated traditions. We applaud all our recipients for their remarkable achievements.

The Alumni Association also honours one student per year with a $2000 Outstanding Student Leadership Award.


The nominations for the 2018 Outstanding Alumni Awards are now closed. The event will take place in September of 2018; dates TBD.

Award Categories

Academic Achievement

Profound activities in academic research, teaching, program development, and/or educational administration.

Previous recipients include (video):

Arts and Culture

Prominence and acclaim in the fine, performing, literary, and/or applied arts.

Previous recipients include (video):

Athletic Achievement

Superlative performance in and/or service to professional or amateur sport.

Previous recipients include (video):

Professional Achievement

Impressive achievement in the graduate's field of professional or career endeavor.  This includes but is not limited to:  business, social services, sciences, medicine and law.

Previous recipients include (video):

Public Service

Remarkable contributions in the field of public administration and policy development; notable service in elected or appointed positions at local, provincial, state, national or international levels.

Previous recipients include (video):

Service to the Community

Notable service and/or contributions to the welfare and advancement of local, national or international communities.

Previous recipients include (video):

Service to the University

Professional or voluntary activities undertaken on behalf of Simon Fraser University, the Alumni Association, or other organizations affiliated with Simon Fraser University.

Previous recipients include:

  • D'Arcy Warner, MBA
  • Milton Wong, LLD

Special Categories

Silver Anniversary Award of Distinction
1990 Greg Basham, BA, MBA

35th Anniversary Distinction for Service to the University
2000 Dick Woldring, BSc

40th Anniversary Award for Service to the University
2005 Milton Wong, LLD

50th Anniversary - Rising Star Award
2015 Jennifer Gardy, PhD