The Community Vibrancy initiative is bringing good vibes to the Burnaby Campus

Creating a warm welcome for students this fall has been a key focus of the Return to Campus at Simon Fraser University. Providing opportunities for students to connect with one another and nurturing school spirit has been top of mind for many. The SFU Burnaby Community Vibrancy project, looking at ways to create a welcoming, inspiring and animated campus over the next years, was able to make an early impact creating spirit — calling it #SFUvibes.

If you've been to Convocation Mall and elsewhere at Burnaby Campus this September, you've already seen their handiwork: the pop-up patios, picnic tables, public pianos, games and relaxing furniture are all a part of the Community Vibrancy initiative to provide a lively and social atmosphere for returning students and staff. Ancillary Services Chief Commercial Services Officer Mark McLaughlin is enthusiastic about the initiative:

"With campus life resuming this September, we felt it was important to create a vibrant outdoor space and atmosphere where students could make new friends or reconnect. The combination of the newly minted Convocation Mall along with the red umbrellas, soft seating, firepits and table games takes the Burnaby  campus experience to a whole new level. It's welcoming and creates a sense of belonging."

Student Community Vibrancy Coordinators - Kahn Linh Doan and Thai Nguyen

Community Vibrancy relies on tireless coordinators on the ground-level, working each day to ensure that the #SFUvibes are happening. They're the ones setting up amenities, coordinating spaces and doing the crucial job of ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch - like ambassadors cultivating our campus community. Community Vibrancy Coordinator and former Ancillary Services Co-Op student Khanh Linh Doan deserves to feel proud:

"Being a student myself, I understand the importance of social connection. Especially after more than a year of online learning, most of us miss the face-to-face interactions and our daily conversations. I am very proud to have been a small part of Community Vibrancy and I hope that through this project students will have  more chances to make new friends, and create valuable memories with their colleagues."

In addition to rolling out activities this fall, the SFU Burnaby Vibrancy planning continues to seek input for longer-term initiatives and ideas for the campus. Upcoming on-line workshops in October will present a range of themes and ideas heard to date, and allow an opportunity for more stakeholder engagement.

Join our upcoming workshops to include your voice on what a vibrant SFU campus looks like to you.

Attendees from each session will be entered to win one of six $50 SFU Bookstore & Spirit Shop gift cards. 

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