Food Action Lab

The SFU Food Program is a vital component, enhancing connections and well-being. It focuses not only on providing an outstanding food experience—rich in flavour, inclusive, and immersive—but is also at the forefront of climate action. The program is vigorously working towards food systems transformation through several targeted initiatives, aligning our food-focused commitment with SFU's overarching sustainability & climate action goals.

SFU Food Systems Initiatives

Sustainable Food Systems

Single-use Waste Reduction

Food Security

Indigenous Food Systems

  • Rooted Program menus and education​
  • Working with Indigenous chefs ​
  • Indigenous procurement ​
  • Indigenous catering

Shifting Diets

Foodie Initiative

  • The Foodie Initiative aims to celebrate, support and connect SFU's communities through food prgramming, food education, food security, and sustainability.