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Universities like Simon Fraser University (SFU) play a vital role in achieving climate goals, such as limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius and meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are not just academic institutions but operational powerhouses that can spearhead systemic climate change solutions. Although there's a broad agreement on the necessary actions, there's a noticeable gap in real-world, scalable examples. SFU's Action Labs are at the forefront of converting these discussions into tangible actions. By integrating advanced scientific research, solid operational strengths, and local knowledge, these labs are developing scalable and locally relevant solutions. 

SFU's initiatives exemplify the 'small bets' strategy, which is crucial for stakeholders, including the private sector and governments at all levels, to facilitate broader climate transitions. These early ventures are essential, acting as real-life case studies that ignite meaningful conversations and collaborative learning among different stakeholders, both locally and globally. Our mission is clear and focused: to implement scalable, evidence-based, and locally adapted climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience solutions. By pooling collective intelligence, SFU is dedicated to achieving lasting, impactful change globally.

Action Labs Pillars

Building Momentum to mobilize

SFU Action Labs lead and contribute to global action summits and dialogues, focusing on 1) Uniting the government, private sector, innovator and NGOs to find and deliver scalable solutions for the SDGs; 2) Emphasizing academia's vital role, leveraging research, students, and living labs as action enablers. This approach builds momentum and fosters collaboration, innovation, and academic expertise to drive tangible progress.

Enabler of Science

SFU Action Labs act as an Enabler of Science, collaborating with intergovernmental agencies and governments to address knowledge gaps in implementing the SDGs. Through both applied and academic research, SFU Action Labs drive scientific innovation, ensuring that the research not only aligns with but also advances the needs and priorities of global stakeholders in achieving the SDGs. SFU Action Labs mobilize these research findings through simplified mediums to maximize impact and drive actionable insights, making them accessible and actionable for all stakeholders.

End-to-End Project Delivery

SFU Action Labs lead project delivery with a Multi-Stakeholder Approach, from initiation to sustaining, including capacity building. By integrating students and ensuring effective execution, SFU Action Labs create sustainable solutions for lasting impact. This approach embodies SFU Action Labs' commitment to innovative project management and the development of future leaders.

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