Update on Starbucks location for SFU Burnaby Campus

April 18, 2013

Last year we announced plans to bring a Starbucks location to the Burnaby campus and I want to update you on our progress.

 As many of you know, SFU was designated a Fair Trade Campus last May and we are proud to be part of an international program that allows coffee farmers in developing countries to earn a decent living.

 All food vendors on Burnaby campus – Renaissance Café, Higher Grounds, Mackenzie Café, the Dining Hall, Simon C's, Diamond Alumni Centre, and campus catering -- serve coffee that is 100% fair trade certified. Tim Horton’s in West Mall Complex does not serve fair trade coffee and for that reason we will not open another Tim Horton’s location until the company starts doing so.

 When we surveyed students, faculty and staff last November, 77% of you told us that utilizing fair trade products was important. We are listening and pledge that any new food vendor that opens on campus must provide fair trade coffee.

 SFU is working with Starbucks to open a location on Burnaby campus but negotiations are hinging on the company providing more fair trade coffee options before we come to an agreement.

 Did you know that the majority of Starbucks coffee in the UK, France and Germany is fair trade certified but Starbucks offers very little in Canada? We are talking with Starbucks to impress upon them the need for more fair trade coffee not only at SFU but also throughout Vancouver and across Canada.

We are hopeful that Starbucks is listening to the SFU community and will realize that fair trade coffee, and the positive impact it creates for farmers and their communities, is just as important to us in Canada as it is in Europe.

 We are encouraging Starbucks to join us in engaging the world to bring about positive change

Mark McLaughlin

Executive Director, Ancillary Services